Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enough is Enough of "Manny being Manny"

Ok, enough of the "Manny being Manny" excuse to justify Manny Ramirez's behavior. I can handle people saying "Oh, well, that's just Manny being Manny" in response to someone criticizing the way he stands and admires his homeruns as if he has never seen one hit out of the park. Ok, now I do understand that I was not there and I did not see exactly the way things happened, but I do feel what I am about to say is justifiable. When it comes to Manny's latest incident involving the team's traveling secretary who could not magically produce 16 tickets for Manny while the Red Sox were in Houston playing the Astros, is just absolutely inexcusable. Each player was entitled to 4 (some sources say 6) tickets for the game. Manny requested 16 at the last minute. When those 16 tickets could not be provided for him by the team's traveling secretary, Manny threw the 64 year old man to the ground. Manny apparently told the secretary, "Just do your job!". Well, as far as I understand it, Manny's job is to play baseball, not to shove elderly men to the ground. So, who's not doing their job here? Hmmmm....let's think.

Now, a few weeks ago Shawn Chacon, formerly of the Astros, was released after a physical altercation took place with the general manager. Finally, someone was dealt with accordingly. The Red Sox claim they will handle "disciplining" Manny internally....which I think translates into, "nothing will be done because winning and making money is the most important thing to the Red Sox organization". The only difference between Chacon's and Ramirez's situation is Chacon is not headed to the Hall of Fame (Not that I support Manny going to the HOF).

Now, I am sure there are plenty of conflicts that take place within teams that we don't hear about and possibly the only reason we are hearing about this is because it involves a superstar (or super idiot, in my opinion). But either way, enough is enough....someone acting like a jerk, just because they are a jerk, is NOT an excuse. He should be dealt with severely. The best headline to sum up this situation actually came from a Massachusetts newspaper: "Manny Crosses Line, surely Red Sox Will do Nothing".

..................And don't even get me started on how Manny had a yelling incident with Kevin Youkilis in which he was telling Youkilis not to throw as much equipment when he is upset. Is Manny Ramirez really one who should be correcting anyone else's behavior?

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