Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Trip to PA

Hello. I took a weekend trip to PA to see a few stadiums. Saturday, I saw a game in Lancaster, the Barnstormers vs. the Newark Bears. The park was nice, see my review on my website for more info. Sunday, I figured since I was only an hour or so away from Baltimore, that I would travel down to see a game there since I didn't have digital pictures of Camden Yards yet. Last time I went, it was before the time of digital cameras. I made sure I took lots of pics. Although, since it rained while I was down there, there isn't much sun in the pictures. I was glad to see that Camden Yards seemed to be in the same immaculate condition that it was in last time I was there. That place is spotless! People actually throw their garbage away rather than just leaving it under their seats. Imagine that! I spent more time walking through Eutaw St. than I did the first time I was there. I took notice of the "Orioles Hall of Fame" located on a wall on Eutaw St. and the plaques of baseballs on the sidewalk. Also, the big numbers that were located near the entrance were pretty cool. I was a little disappointed in the standing room only section because I wasn't tall enough to see over the wall. :( Luckily, I had a real seat, but like to wander around as well. I then headed back up to York, PA, where I had stayed for the night to see the York Revolution take on the Somerset Patriots. The funniest thing was that when I parked my car and got out, the parking lot attendant said to me, "Are you one of the player's wives?". First thing I thought was, 'Wow--he actually thinks I look old enough to be married, and secondly, he actually thinks someone would subject themselves to marry me." After, I laughed, I told him I wasn't. He thought because of my Yankees tire cover that I was there to see my husband since he had heard that many of the Somerset Patriots were ex-Yankees (which, I did not break the news to him, that that wasn't true...unless I was married to the manager, Sparky Lyle). Geez...can't a female go to a game by herself and not be a player's wife. I know when Brian goes to games alone and keeps score, he has been asked if he is a scout. haha...gee, people do go by themselves without having any affiliation to a player or to the league.

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